Pick of the Litter Pet Care
Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish
Licensed, Bonded and Insured, DWC, CPR Certified
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Welcome to Pick of the Litter Pet Care
(415) 469-7601
Pick of the Litter Pet Care is a mobile, door-to-door, pet care provider. We specialize in providing beneficial exercise, socialization and stimulating playtime for your canine companions.  
Day Care for small dogs (20lbs and under)
Private boarding for dogs
We recognize that many people work long hours and hate to leave their small dogs at home alone during the day. Although our pet companions may have a yard, they may suffer from anxiety and boredom without having appropriate exercise.

We also provide care for our kitty companions.  Although cats often are more independent than our canine friends, they deserve love and attention too.

Fish and bird companions also require feeding and watering schedules.  Our service provides visits to feed, water, check environmental temperatures, watch, play or whistle.

We are professionals with compassion for pets and believe in providing quality care that meets your pet's needs. Please give us a call to set up an interview today.

Photo-Art © Carie Guevara